Leakage test

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Leaky ducts allow the heated or cooled air circulated by your HVAC system to leak out, costing you extra on your energy bill. It will pull unconditioned outside air into the system. You can help prevent this problem by making sure your ducts don’t leak. Here’s what the team at JungDo wants you to know about keeping your ducts sealed.
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Typical leakage testing set up
Leakage Test
A Zero leakage Sealing System
We can verify your duct leakage status, thus helping you prevent leakage related issues. We diagnose your system regularly and ensure its functioning thereby saving your time and energy.
A better idea of reinforcement system
We recognize the importance of reinforcement measurements after multiple vibration tests on the duct. A not-so-firm-duct can easily make all leakage problems. We highly recommend, V-Type reinforcement accessory from JungDo Engineering.
Reduce Energy Consumption
Up to 25% of the average building’s heating & cooling energy is wasted through inefficient duct system
Improve Indoor Air Quality
Eliminating leaks can prevent dust, pesticides, moisture and other pollutants polluting the air quality
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