At JungDo, We will build ‘the dream comes true’ as possible while motivating the culture that ‘we are building our own house’ through our innovative technology and highly experienced employees.

We will always think as in clients’ point of view with our motive that we must satisfy clients’ needs and wants. Moreover, we strongly take care of the concerns of clients after service and maintenance even after all the work is completely done.
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Creating wealth through professional and efficient management activities while comply with Laws & Regulations.


• Offer the best communication quality products
• Coordinated delivery to your projects
• Customer service that exceeds expectations

from the ceo

JungDo Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. started manufacturing HVAC products providing to the Indian Industry in 2017. Since then, we have grown as rationally recognized, a leading Total HVAC service and Total Duct supplier to a nationally recognized.

We are motivated by customer satisfaction and continually strive to deliver competitively priced, high quality products on the tight schedules demanded on today’s construction projects.

Seek building responding future environment
We pay full attention to the change of national system, technical development and periodic demands according to global environmental change such as global warming, resource deflection and energy source change, and make every effort to optimize the requests
of clients by means of eco-friendly and low energy consumption design with loading calculation, simulation, BIM and other leading-edge design tools.

Customer satisfaction with creativity and innovation
We will continue to do our best for customer satisfaction and happiness with a creative idea and innovative behaviour.

Thank you very much.
Hwajun Seo
Managing Director
JungDo Eng India Pvt. Ltd.

our policies

Jungdo Engineering practices human respect safety culture and safety and health management, and sets and implements the following safety and health management policy to observe safety regulations strictly and to prevent site disaster.

Safety and Health management policy

1. Human respect safety culture
2. Safety and health management system realization
3. Safety regulation and law observation

Safety and Health management policy

1. 100% utilization of safety and health management system
2. Zero of falling, dropping and other scaffolding accident
3. Reinforce of workers’ safety awareness
Employees executing quality management works understand the quality object after training and education and maintain and improve each responsibilities and rights defined in regulations. The achievement of quality target can be made through perfect preparation and right business implementation.